In recent years, I have been fortunate to be able to spend time indulging in some of my favourite pastimes - travelling, camping, photography and enjoying good food and wine.  They go so well together.  Because I have travelled so much and accumulated a large catalogue of images, the processing has been basic and loaded up onto my website as quickly as possible.   Hence I have a site almost entirely comprised of what amounts to stock images apart from a few Photo Stories that I have put together.  There is no portfolio of my best work .  

I now need to start over in terms of developing my photographic style, showing those images that I really love, telling stories with my imagery and developing an online persona.  So I have commenced a Unit with University of Tasmania called Photography and Social Media.  One of the requirements of this course is that I keep a digital diary in the form of a blog. As I already have a Blog here on my Business Site, I have decided to use it for my course work.  

For those of you who have followed my occasional blogs, come along for the ride if you like.  I am undertaking this unit to help me better understand and utilise social media platforms in order to get my work out there in a public arena.  I also wish to use it to follow and learn from artists, designers and crafts people from a variety of backgrounds and interests.



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