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A Walk in Paris

When I visited Paris, France in 2014, I stayed in a little apartment in the 10th Arrondissement. It was only a few minutes walk from the metro station Gare de L’Est but I chose to walk everywhere. Stepping out of my apartment early in the day, with camera and map I went exploring, meeting up with my travel companions, Deb and Gav from time to time.

Here are a series of images taken more or less in order as I walked around Paris, visiting famous and not so famous landmarks, losing my way sometimes and finding interesting little laneways along the way. I was specially taken with a restaurant under the Church of Madeleine. La Foyer de Madelaine. It is located down to the side and under the building. For a few Euros one can dine under the vaulted ceilings on a simple three course meal served by volunteers.
Street ArtThe Centre PompidouStreet ArtStreet ArtStreet ArtQuirky Water FeatureNotre DameNotre DameNotre DameNotre DameSitting by the SeineBook Sellers CartsA Restaurant in ParisYachts on the SeineBoats on the SeineUnlocking the locks on Pont des ArtsMusée d'OrsayAlexandre III BridgeAlexandre III BridgeView of the Seine

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